Care Property Invest supports

UN Global Compact

In 2020 we have further strengthened our sustainability position by co-signing the UN Global Compact.
By entering into this commitment, we join the fight against injustice in four fundamental areas: human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

CO2- neutral headquarters – Reforestation and Conservation Project in Guatemala

In order to offset the CO2 emissions of our headquarters, the Company decided to join forces with the pioneering Belgian environmental consultancy firm CO2 Logic and, in collaboration with them, to support the global certified climate project in the Guatemalan national park ‘Sierra del Lacadón’. The ‘Guatemala Reforestation and Conservation Project’ focuses on the implementation of measures to reduce deforestation caused by unsustainable farming techniques, as well as the introduction of better local governance to protect the land and indigenous people. This results in the reduction of illegal practices in and around the park. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the project will also contribute to:

  • Cultural and community conservation
  • The prevention of (further) environmental damage
  • The protection of biodiversity
  • A stronger local government