What happened to my Serviceflats Invest shares?


Since 24 March 2014, each “Serviceflats Invest” share was automatically represented by 1,000 “Care Property Invest” shares. On 19 March 2014, the extraordinary general meeting of the Company has approved (besides the name change) the share split of one share into one thousand (1,000) shares.

Each share in the Company, coupon no 18 attached, was represented as from 24 March 2014 by 1,000 shares Care property Invest, with coupon no 1 attached (on 24/03/2014: 10,210,000 (split) shares). The split shares have the same rights, though in proportion per split action (1/1,000). As a result, the share split is completely neutral and the position of the shareholders will in no way be diluted. The share spit stimulated the liquidity of the share as well as the accessibility and the attractiveness of it (In particular for private shareholders), what is deemed to be important for the Company and its shareholders.


For more information: General meeting